Review: Metaphys 44112

Metaphys notebooks are created by a Japanese design company, with stationery being just one of their product lines (others include dishes, bags, lighting).

Logos on the front cover is a gamble, but I like the minimal typography, so it sits well with me. And I’d even say I like the model number too. But the description? Who needs a description of a notebook on the cover of a notebook?

The cover is canvas and a very stiff softcover — almost but not quite hardback. It seems very durable.

What I like about Metaphys notebooks are their unique sizes. The 44112 is the largest, measuring at 8.25 x 3.6 inches. So, tall and slim. Kind of reminds me of a large checkbook. In fact, while I was typing with the notebook next to me in my periphery, had the blip thought: “what is my checkbook doing here?”


The paper is very nice to write on and smooth to the touch. It takes ink quite well, and dries quickly (I use pigment ink pens).The grid layout is spaced at 5mm, is very faint, and only printed on one side. The paper isn’t perforated, but does tear off the waxy spine easily. Maybe too easily.

[A5 Moleskine on bottom for reference]

My only complaint: there’s no elastic band closure, so the notebook stays slightly popped up after use.


  • Grid layout on right-hand page (the back is blank)
  • Grid spacing: 5mm
  • 140 pages
  • £15.50

Where to buy:

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