Review: Delfonic’s Chentelham

This notebook is made by Delfonics, of the Rollbahn notebook. This notebook is perfect for me, as I love the beautiful Delfonic’s Rollbahn paper and design, but I’m put off by spiral-bound notebooks. There’s something uncomfortable for me about the wire spirals tangling up like braces. (I’ll be forever hoping that Maruman one day makes a non-wirebound Mnemosyne).


The cover is this stiff textured vinyl that is somewhere between a softcover or hardcover. The whole notebook can bend in your hand, but you can’t wrap the front cover around to the back with ease. The Chentelham comes in a variety of color (red, green, navy, blue, and black), but mine is black with a brown elastic closure. I find the black and brown doesn’t clash.


The paper is the beautiful Japanese Delfonics paper, with faint grid lines. You’ll recognize this paper used in Delfonics more recognized Rollbahn notebook line. It is a pleasure to write on.


The notebook comes with a minimal plastic pocket in the back cover.


And the comparison with a (well-worn) A5 Moleskine

Delfonics Delfonics


  • 5mm grid line spacing
  • 192 pages

Where to buy:

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